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Travel and Research – Policies and Procedures

**Prior to arranging any travel plans, please submit a request including the following:

1) Dates of travel
2) Destination
3) How the travel relates to/benefits your research

Please submit all requests to Danielle Rothschild at


For all reimbursements requested out of your MPES funds, you will need to submit your receipts to Abigail Pitts (Annenberg 240) within 30 days of expense. After the reimbursement is entered into the system, it will require the traveler’s approval via the NU Portal.

It’s important to read the university’s travel policy (PDF) and entertainment policy (PDF). The following are issues that frequently delay reimbursements, all of which can be found in the university policy. These include:

The more organized and detailed the receipts and explanations are, the faster you will get your money back.
Please submit a SESP T and E form with your receipts:


Airfare can be directly billed to Northwestern.  After receiving approval on your intended travel, please work with one of the University’s approved  travel agents (below) to book a flight that works with your schedule.  When they request billing information, please provide them with Abigail Pitts’ name and information (, 847.467.5115) for billing instructions and confirmation. Alternatively, you can email Abigail Pitts to arrange travel for you.

Intra World Travel
1740 Ridge Avenue, Lower Level 15B
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone 847-491-6930 (outside Illinois 800-626-6963)
Fax 847-491-0923

Travel 100 Group
519 Park Drive
Kenilworth, IL 60043
Phone 847-256-7570 or toll-free 1-800-245-9335
Fax 847-256-9475


**Prior to purchasing any supplies, please submit a request including:

1) What we are buying:
2) Who are we buying it from:
3) Dollar amount of the item:
4) Research purpose and programmatic justification (why this item is necessary for your research/ what the impact of the item will be on your research):

All requests should be sent to Danielle Rothschild at

Please read the attached tip sheets prior to purchasing any plane tickets, supplies, or other:

Research Support

Please visit SESP’s research support site for information on IRB, research subject payments, and responsible conduct of research essay writing training:
SESP Research Support

For additional information, please contact Danielle Rothschild at

Citing MPES

You must cite the grant on all publications you contribute to, even if you are not the first author. Please use the following citation:

US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, Multidisciplinary Program in Education Sciences, Grant Award # R305B140042. 

If the research was started prior to your joining MPES, but the paper was first submitted during your time as a MPES fellow, you still must cite.

Uploading Papers to ERIC

If a paper you have written is published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, you must then upload that paper to the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC). Instructions to submit your papers are here:

Please contact Danielle Rothschild with any questions at