Fellow Publication Instructions

Citing MPES

You must cite the grant on all publications you contribute to, even if you are not the first author. Use the following citation:

US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, Multidisciplinary Program in Education Sciences, Grant Award # R305B140042.

If the research was started prior to your joining MPES, but the paper was first submitted during your time as a MPES fellow, you still must cite. Continue to cite MPES if you did any of the research on the publication during your time as an MPES fellow.

Uploading Publications to ERIC

If you contribute to or author a publication which appears in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, you must then upload that paper to the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC). Instructions to submit your publications are here: https://eric.ed.gov/submit/. Additional info on this policy is here: https://ies.ed.gov/funding/researchaccess.asp.

Please contact Danielle Rothschild with any questions at